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Special Cutter Oscillator - No. FSN 400 / FSC Tool
Using the Dustless Grout Remover, made by Fein in Germany, is the fastest and cleanest way to get old hardened grout out of tile joints without damaging the glaze or the edges of tile. An important advantage to using this tool is the diamond tipped tools can be used to cut through marble and mortar joints while keeping dust clouds down to a minimum.

As an industrial tool designed to remove tile grout quickly and safely, the Dustless Grout Remover employs blades coated with thousands of fine diamonds, similar to sandpaper. The secret to this tool is it's oscillating action. Oscillation is simply a rapid vibration that is applied to the tool's blade. It's specially designed to vibrate at a frequency of up to 22,000 times per minute as it grinds its way through grout. The job is completed quickly and without any risk of damage. This is particularly important when making partial repairs on surfaces that have already been tiled or when working in tight places. This cutter makes things easy for the user. It features variable speed control, which keeps the cutting speed constant even under heavy loads, getting the job done sooner making for outstanding performance. The gears are specially designed for continuous operation and run in oil-bath.

With a twelve-sided fixing mount, Sickle Blades can be adjusted to any position. Attach the blade so it's in a suitable operating position and tighten the screw with the provided key. When using the tool, do not apply excessive pressure on the grout joint. Doing so can cause the tool to break through the grout and drag the diamond coating over the underlayment which can burn diamonds off the blade. Using the whole blade (try to avoid needle point pressure), rock it back and forth in the grout joint after you've gotten a feel for the tool. Start with medium speed, then adjust to a higher or lower speed depending on the grout being removed. The newer the grout, the softer it will be. When transporting your Dustless Grout Remover, remove the blade to protect it from impact damage and store it in it's case. When the diamond blades get "clogged", a cleaning block will remove any excess grout buildup. Do not allow the tool to get wet; be sure to keep it dry at all times. Using high pressure air will clean dust from the switch and head of the tool.

We are in no any way related to nor do we represent Fein GMBH & CO.KG of
Stuttgart, Germany or it subsidiaries or branches.

TILE-EZE Dustless Grout Removal Blades are Swiss made under the highest quality standards. Diamond Blades for FEIN oscilator tools are made by TILE EZE or its contract partners . We are not a FEIN tool disributor.

FSC Model and Blades Assortment

* Works with same blades as FSN 400 Model.

FSN 400   (Discontinued)

* Works with same blades as FSC Model.

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