Marble Plane 24 Piece Box

Stone and Tile Leveling Tool

24 Pc. Box w/100 Wire Plates - No. 8500
Marble Plane Set includes: 24 Marble Planes and 100 Wire plates. Marble Plane is made of stainless steel, and will not leave marks on tile or marble. The wire Plates are aluminum and stainless steel combination.

When tiles are laid in mudset, it is possible that the mud will incur minor shrinkage and the individual tile can sink down, causing a variation in height between tiles. Marble Plane is a tool developed for "lippage" free installation of marble, stone, and granite tiles of any size. It enables the installer to set tile in a thin or middle bed mortar without an uneven surface. When using Marble Plane, tile installation is faster and more precise than buttering and pounding individual tiles to set them on a perfect plane.

Marble Plane
1 Piece
No. 8501
1/2" Wire Plates
100 Pc. Bag
No. 8502
3/4" Wire Plates
100 Pc. Bag
No. 8503
1" Wire Plates
100 Pc. Bag
No. 8504


Step By Step Installation Guide

  1. Insert wire plates between joint during installation.
    marble plane instructions step 1
  2. Press down on plunger and hook into wire plate. Release plunger slowly and set the Marble-Plane gently on tile surface.
  3. Marble Plane must go between the center of the tile joints, NOT at the corners
  4. After 45 minutes to an hour, the Marble Plane may be removed to continue with installation of tile/marble. Be sure not to remove the wire plates, for they must remain in place
  5. Wait at least 24 hours before cutting and pulling out wires.




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