Frequently Asked Questions

Please give us a call (239) 598-3737 as our machines vary in pricing and our technical advisers like to make sure the customer receives the correct machine for their job-site needs.

When properly maintained, the average lifespan of a sponge is anywhere from 5,000-10,000 sqft, on smooth surfaces. We have customers who have reported sponges lasting up to 40,000 sqft.

Please contact one of our technical advisers to discuss the epoxy grouting process.

During the washing process, if operated properly, the machine will leave a full and uniform grout joint. The sponge to floor pressure can be adjusted depending on the surface.

No. The mixing and spreading process remains the same. Please make sure to always follow the grout manufacturer’s instructions.

We only recommend using a grout release or wetting the surface of the tile if you are grouting highly absorbent products; such as, brick pavers, unglazed quarry tile, and Mexican Saltillo or grouting in direct sunlight.

The TZ grout machines can clean standard cement grouts, polymer modified grouts, ultra-high preforming cement grouts, rapid setting grouts, and polyurethane grouts.

Yes! The machines were developed for extremely rough surfaces and will work on smooth surfaces as well.

If the water is changed regularly, the machine will not leave a grout haze and will not require a second wash.

This depends on several factors: type of tile/stone, grout color, and the access amount of grout left on the tile’s surface. We recommend a water change once the machine starts to produce an excessive amount of foam or leaves a grout film behind; 150-350 sqft.

The sponge and water bucket change can each be accomplished in under a minute. We recommend purchasing an extra water bucket to save time in-between water changes.

The sponge moving through the water bucket will create a foam build-up. To prevent the foam from spilling out of the bucket onto the floor, we recommend adding 1-2 ounces of defoamer at each water change.

Yes! Many of our clients use the machines to preclean their floors in order to remove any dust particles and to achieve better adhesion of the thin set mortar.

The machines are manufactured in Austria and are powered by electric motors from Makita, or similar.

The machines come ready to work. Your initial purchase includes: the machine, one sponge, one water bucket, and a quart of defoamer.

All machines come with a 1-year parts and labor limited warranty, however, our machines are designed and engineered to last for many years of service. In the unlikely event that there is a mechanical malfunction of the machine, all parts are kept in stock at TILE EZE INC.

The machines are shipped via UPS or a freight carrier. The average shipping time is between 5-7 business days.

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