TZ 7500 Super Grouter

Commercial Grout Spreading Machine

TZ 7500 - Super Grouter Commercial Grouting Machine

  • Designed for large in/outdoor commercial areas
  • Puts the operator in a comfortable, upright position
  • Adjustable hand bars
  • Maneuverable and lightweight; 60 lbs
  • Electric motor for in/outdoor use
  • Ridged steel construction for longer service life
  • Four, dual, swivel casters
  • Dual, 30-inch-wide, rubber squeegees
  • Speads grout up to 1,000 sqft, per hour
  • Weight plate post for added squeegee pressure
  • Multiple squeegee to floor adjustments
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for flat, smooth surfaces; such as, ceramic, porcelain, polished
    and unpolished natural stone

The TZ 7500 Automatic Grouting Machine grouts in one easy operation. When properly used and maintained, the TZ 7500 does the job three times faster than conventional methods with 1/3 the man power - saving time and labor expenses. Also, there are no special skills required. Working in an upright position, a single operator can grout several thousand square feet per hour.

Weighing a mere 60 pounds, the machine is 30" wide and has an adjustable handle height of 33" to 38" to accommodate the laborer, making jobs virtually fatigue free.

cartoon750 The TZ 7500 is composed of two 30" rubber squeegees which are set at an angle and move simultaneously in opposite directions. As the machine passes over the floor, grout is moved forward evenly and tightly compacted into the joints. Excess grout is pushed to one side for pick up on the return pass. Squeegees are easily replaced when necessary.

 Operation of the TZ 7500 is simple. Resting the machine on the tile at a slight angle, pour the grout mixture in front of it and begin slowly moving forward in a straight line. Excess grout is pushed to one side and is picked up on the return pass. For optimum performance and to ensure a quality job, grout should be a thicker consistency. DO NOT use grout that is runny.




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