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TZ 5000 R Model Grout Cleanup Machine

Like the TZ 6000, this machine is specially designed to take the work out of grout clean-up. The TZ 5000 R Model is ideal for smaller commercial and residential jobs!

With a minimal amount of training, one laborer can do the work of 3 and do it three times faster! Water is changed less frequently so there is less down time. The TZ 5000 R Model cleans up to 600 square feet per hour.

The TZ 5000 R Model uses a soft sponge belt which picks grout up off the floor surface, and is washed clean as it revolves around the rollers. Residue and water are pressed out in the attached bucket resulting in a clean, film-free surface. Only half the amount of water is required, unlike conventional methods, so grout joints are not washed out. Also, the operator works in an upright position, eliminating fatigue and stress on the knees and back.

The TZ 5000 R Model is equally at home on brick pavers, abrasive tile, sure tread tile, glazed and unglazed ceramic, rough slate, natural stone, polished and unpolished marble & granite, and Mexican tile

The TZ 5000 R Model is powered by electric hand drills which are serviceable in the USA and Canada. Parts, including sponge belts (regular & epoxy), are available directly from TILE-EZE or any authorized TILE-EZE dealer. This model is very durable and virtually maintenance-free. Movable parts have sealed bearings for a smother operation, and belt replacement is a snap - snap on, snap off.

Certain grouts may create excessive foam in the water bucket, making it necessary to change your water more often. To eliminate this problem, we recommend using TILE-EZE defoamer. One application of our defoamer will reduce excess foam.

The TZ 5000 R Model is ready to work when you receive it. All that remains to be done is inserting the handle and filling the factory-installed bucket with water. It is important to use a GFCI protector when dealing with the combination of water and electricity. With the GFCI protector in place, connect the unit to the closest 110v power outlet.

Read all enclosed directions completely before operating TZ 5000 R Model. We recommend practicing under controlled conditions before going to a job site to gain the techniques that ensure a professional job. The demonstration video included with the machine should be viewed before use. .

T - Transport 
L - Light Pressure
M - Medium Pressure
S - Strong Pressure
K - Knob for Fastening
A - Adjustment Arm

1. Disconnect electrical supply.
2. Remove water bucket "E".
3. Remove "W", and move "R" left to release.
4. Press down on spring load pin "FS" to release the double     pressure roller.
5. Remove assembly "W".
6. Open "B" to release sponge belt.
7. Pull sponge to release sponge belt.
8. Insert new sponge belt - arrow must face bottom.
a. Insert "W" arms into sponge belt loop.
b. Insert "W" into "WS" hooks.
9. Press down assembly & reconnect double pressure roller "FS".
10. Reconnect to "R".
Do not run sponge when dry or overfill water container.

1. Press down on sponge roller "W".
2. Move "R" to the left to release sponge roller.
3. Lift sponge roller.
4. Pull water bucket "E" out from side.
5. Clean bucket, refill with water to 3.5" from bottom. DO NOT overfill.
6. Add defoamer for longer water use.
7. Slide bucket back on bucket seat.
8. Press down on "W".
9. Move "R" to the right.


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